We are a private Bulgarian company with more than 20 years of experience in the logistics sector. As a 3PL, we are focusing on complex order preparation, management of large number of products, and value added activities. Thanks to our experienced team of professionals, state of the art technologies, and modern facilities, we at K&M provide a high standard of service. We have the capacity to adapt to the fluctuations of the business. Our goal is to adequately respond to the dynamic expansion of our clients, providing quality services, tailored to their specific needs. We provide optimized solutions for the whole supply chain, which reduce the time it takes for goods to reach the market. K&M is a member of Aslog.

Information Technology

Led by the conviction that modern logistics is based on IT technologies, we at K&M invest in innovative solutions for stock management and traceability throughout the whole supply chain. Our warehouses are equipped with state of the art technology, including full wireless coverage and mobile terminals. We are among the pioneers in Bulgaria, who have introduced a professional warehouse management system, which is fully integrated with our ERP system. Accurate, quick, and safe data exchange with our clients is guaranteed by specially developed interfaces and EDI (electronic data interchange). Our systems can be easily integrated with e-commerce platforms and provide real-time data.

Sustainable development, Social and Corporate responsibility

We are a socially responsible company, which follows the following principles in its work:

  • Responsibility towards the client – we build long-term relations with our clients based on mutual trust and respect; we provide tailor made solutions and understand and adapt to our clients changing needs
  • Health and safety – We are a socially responsible employer which has successfully passed an international social audit and follows all local and European regulations
  • Environmental sustainability – in all of our activities, we treat nature with great care by carefully managing our wastes and participating in various environmental friendly initiatives. K&M is compliant with the REACH directive of the EU.